A trip to Tenwek Mission Hospital

On Wednesday we loaded up Miriam and Caleb and made the long drive to Tenwek Mission Hospital so that they could be seen by a team of pediatric cardiologists. Thursday morning we woke up early and waited to be seen by the doctors.


Caleb was first to go in the room. He walked right in and gave everyone in the room a great big hug before climbing up on the table for his echo. The first doctor we saw told us that there wasn’t much that could be done, so we were just doing a followup. This doctor found the same thing, that he has two large holes that should have been corrected before he was one year old. The doctor explained that since he is generally healthy that his heart shouldn’t be too much of an issue for now, but will most likely bring on more complications as he gets older.

Miriam was next and she shyly walked into the room. The doctors found a hole in her heart that is right between where the two chambers connect, which causes blood to be pumped into her lungs. This causes her to have a nasty cough and some breathing problems. We got her some medication that will hopefully treat some of the symptoms, but she will eventually need surgery to repair the hole. We spoke with the doctors at the hospital and they said the operation will cost about $3,000.00.

Please keep Caleb and Miriam in your prayers.


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