Adventures in Lodwar


It’s been a busy week. I headed up to the town of Lodwar to help a team who went to distribute food. I met a man named Jacob who is a pastor and has polio. He was telling me that he lives with his two nieces and his son that also have polio. Also his neighbor’s children have polio as well. I went to his village to meet his family. He is a community health workers that receives government support to help feed the children with disabilities living in his community. There are many struggles that he faces. Even if the fees for school are provided, the nearest school is far and the kids can’t walk there because of their disabilities. There is nowhere in Lodwar where the children can receive therapy and the doctors have limited knowledge of how to treat them. There is so much need and the support he gets is very limited. Here are some of the children that I met on my quick visit to his house. 
Jacob’s son, John


Jacob’s niece, Nancy
Nancy’s little sister Evelyn, who can almost stand straight


But she struggles to walk


Nicholas, one of the nieghbors who also has polio
Ebei, another one of the neighbors, who has down syndrome.
Lodwar is a desert town so it is very hot and they said he doesn’t like wearing clothes.
He told me that there are more children in his community that he supports that have cerebral palsy and other disabilities. I am hoping to make another trip up to Lodwar soon to visit these kids and meet the other ones that Jacob supports to see their needs and how I can help. It’s encouraging to see someone else who is involved in reaching out to help children with disabilities. God has put the same passion on both of our hearts and I hope to be able to  work with him, his family and the kids in his community to give them the supports they need.

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