Back to School


School is back in session and the kids are all excited to be back in school and even more excited that their friends are coming over every day so they can learn and play together. More and more people are starting to hear about the school and asking to enroll their children. We are excited to have four new students this term. 
Caleb and Kenan are brothers. They always have great big smiles on their faces and weren’t even a little bit nervous on their first day of school. They walked right in, sat down and started reading books with the other kids. 


Ester is the neighbor of my good friends Leila and Manu. Everytime I go to their house she always comes and says hi. Her mom decided to put her into our school this term. She has been a little nervous these first few days when it comes time for her mom to leave, but as soon as she is gone she starts singing, playing and learning right along with everyone else.

Rose is a sweet little girl. Her mom works around the house and always heard the sound of students when she walked past. She came and asked if she could enroll her daughter and brought Rose to learn with us the next day. She loves the swings the most and has fun playing with the other kids.

They are all great kids with sweet little personalities. We are looking forward to having them at our school this term and are excited that we get to play a role in their learning and growing. 

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