Building Progress


I am happy to say that with your help and God’s blessings on Precious Kids Center we are continuing to make progress at the property. This week we started two building projects. 
The front gate is nearly complete and we glad that the compound is now more secure and it will be easier to get in and out. 
Day one of construction:
Sinking the metal posts into the ground to get the gate standing.
The wall around the outside of the gate. Almost complete.
We also constructed a small structure that will house the power until we have a permanent building. We needed a structure to be able to get the power connected and if we didn’t do it before the end of this year the price will double. We hope the wiring will be complete by the end of this week so the people from the power company can come to do the final inspection of the property before returning to connect power. This will make it easy to bring power to the other buildings once construction is completed. 
Starting the frame of the structure to house the power until the buildings are up.
We also ordered a truck load of sand to use for the current projects and to give us a head start when we start building the foundation. The sand will be mixed with gravel and cement when the building begins. 
Unloading the sand.


We also are trying to finish going from office to office getting all the paperwork approved and signed for building. It’s been a long process, but we so close to getting all of the plans approved. Now we are just waiting on God’s perfect timing for the funds to come in so that we can continue our building projects and get these kids moved into their new home! Thanks again for your continued generousity, support and prayers. 

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