Building Projects, Painting and Generous Guests.

Yesterday started off with a visit to Wamuini to check out the progress on the roofing and we brought the team along. A special thank you to everyone who donated to help make this roof possible. We are now one step closer to moving the kids into their new home.


The builders are making great progress. All of the beams for the roofing are almost up!


Talking with the team about the process of building and our future plans for the property.


The team standing in what will eventually be the spacious new living room.


This shot was taken through what will be the kitchen. We left a window open inside so the mamas can cook and still easily keep an eye on the kids.


The roofers cutting the beams.


The team taking a look at the cows.


Praying with the team over the new property.


After that we headed over to the kids house. With all the dust and dirt, combined with so many little pairs of hands, you can imagine what kind of shape the walls were in. So the team volunteered to help us out by painting some of the rooms. We bought a different type of paint that will allow us to be able to wipe off the walls without the paint coming off, so hopefully it will stay looking as good as it does now.


Anet cleaning up the living room to get everything ready for the painting to begin.

Anet cleaning up the living room to get everything ready for the painting to begin.



Evert putting the finishing touches on the door.


Dr. Rob and Karolyn painting the kitchen.


Mike joined in to help paint the kitchen.


Ben and Dale sanding the walls to make sure they were nice and smooth before the paint went on.


Doug painting the trim way up high.


We had some paint left over so they squeezed into the kids room and painted around the beds.



Hanging out in the sitting room after the team painted. It looks SO much better. Thanks again!


After the painting was finished the team passed out some goodies that they brought for the kids and spent some time singing, playing and laughing with them. They all had a great time and loved playing with their balloons and other goodies.



Willy was watching them paint and was in awe of how nice the house looked and said, “They are building our house so well.”


Dr. Rob had met Sammy on a previous trip and we brought him out of class to say hello and help him tie his shoes.


Becky has also come to visit the house on a previous trip. She fell in love with Rael the first time she came and Rael was happy to see her again.



On top of painting, they also brought lots of pencils, books and other goodies for the students.


Bramwel saw the team carrying things to the office and jumped right in to help out.


Isaac was happy to get a balloon.


Them team and all of the school kids coming out to say hi. They were so excited.


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