Building Projects

On top of meeting so many new faces we also have some exciting building projects underway at the farm. We have built a temporary structure where we moved in a caretaker and his family to watch over the land as we prepare for construction projects to being. Richie is honest and dedicated to his work and is excited about having a place to stay.


We would like to say thank you to Cody Fields for purchasing a cow for Precious Kids Center.Now we have milk coming to the kids house daily and don’t have to buy it in town. We are also hoping to breed her next year and get a little herd started. Richie named her Sofia and she already turns and looks when you call her name. We moved her out to the property this week and constructed a little area where she can stay at night and is let out to graze during the day. 



Augustus and Richie with Sofia.


Next week we will be constructing a gate on the property to make it more like a little compound. This way vehicles can pass through easily, but it will soon be secure and ready for us to start getting construction underway. We have been blessed and we are thankful for the funds that people are sending towards are construction projects and excited to see them get underway and getting closer to having a place for the kids to stay where they can have enough place to play and continue growing. 

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