Closing Day

Today was the last day of the second term of the school year. Now everyone is back home for the month of August. Looking forward to spending time with the big boys that were off at school these past few months. All the kids did great on their end of the term exams.

We went to pick the kids up and saw everyone sitting outside for the school wide recognition of the students who performed well.


Frank was recongnized for getting the second highest score out of his entire fifth grade class.


Pascal was recognized for being the most improved out of all of the second graders in his class.


It’s great to see these two making such great progress. Just a few months ago they were both living on the streets of Kitale, sniffing glue and struggling to survive. Now they are trying hard to get their lives on track and working hard in school. So blessed to be able to be a part of their journeys.

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