Eric David

Eric came to Precious Kids Center when I was still in California. The people from the Children’s Office dropped him off on a Friday and said that they just needed a place for him to stay for the weekend and would be back to pick him up on Monday after they had found a permanent placement for him. That was in September and no one has called or even showed up to check on him.


Eric when he first came to the house

He was abandoned by his mother, who has a mental illness, at the district hospital and he told us his full name is Eric David. Those are the only details that we know for sure. He looks to be about three years old and has some speech delays. He loves running around, playing and laughing with the other kids at the house. However, he is very wary of adults and instantly his smile fades and he seems nervous whenever one comes near. With such little information about his background it is hard to know exactly what type of trauma he’s been through, but it is very evident that he has had a very tough life.


I promise he has the best smile that fades as soon as he lays eyes on a camera.

Although it wasn’t part of our plan to take Eric on a permanent basis, God has a perfect plan for every little life that he puts under our care. Eric just needs a little extra love and attention in order to feel comfortable enough to come out of his shell. It will take time for those wounds to heal and all I and the rest of the Precious Kids Center staff can do is show him that he is safe and most of all loved. We know that God brought him to us for a reason and can’t wait to walk alongside him on his journey to see what his future holds.



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