People often ask me where feels more like home. Kitale or California? It seems like a simple question, but they both feel like home equally to me. After spending the last month back in California I started to think about it. California has been my home the longest. I love coming home to my family and friends who provide constant support even from afar. When I come back it’s like we don’t even miss a beat and pick right up where we left off. People are so generous and willing to support the work going on at Precious Kids Center. I was given more donations than I could fit in the three suitcases I brought back and overwhelmed by the financial support I received from people who hear about PKC and want to get involved in whatever way they can. I am truly blessed and honored to call each and every one of you my friends.


The other side of home is Kenya. These kids are my family. If they are having a bad day they just need a hug they turn to me, on a good day they want me to share their joy with them and everyday in between we live life together.  It’s not always a walk in the park, but who couldn’t love coming home to this every day?

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I am blessed to be a part of these two great worlds and grateful for all the people in my life that make it possible.


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