It’s Great To Be Back!

After many long hours of flights and layovers, I finally made it back to Kitale. It’s so great to be back here. It’s been a great first few days of settling in, getting to know the team that been here for a few months, and preparing for the new incoming team.
Ever since our plane touched the ground I couldn’t wait to get back to Purpose Driven Academy and see Junior, Stella and Allan. We got there when all the students were in class and the head teacher went to go get the boys out of their classroom so that we could greet them. Allan was his normal shy, quiet self but still looked happy to see us. Junior is normally very happy and energetic, but was very reserved and didn’t smile once. We didn’t have anyone with us to translate to help find out what was wrong, so we walked him back to the class.
While we were waiting for our ride to come pick us we were playing with the little preschoolers. There was a tiny little girl with a huge smile on her face wandering up to me. I picked her up instantly because she was so adorable and looked way to small to be in school. Margaret Wanyoni showed up a couple minutes later and I greeted her and asked how the kids were doing. She asked me if I had seen Baby Marvelous, who we met last year when we went to visit the kid’s mother in Endebes. Margaret pointed her out and she was the same little baby girl that I had just been playing with. Then she went on to explain that she had taken Marvelous to the school because her mother is not doing well. Junior has been sad because he knows that his mother is sick if the baby is no longer in the home. It was not as happy of a reunion as I would have hoped for, but it was great to see them all. The last time I saw Baby Marvelous she was so skinny, starving and didn’t smile once the whole time I was with her. This time she looked healthy and happy. I look forward to visiting the mother in her home and seeing if there is any way that we can help her. I also look forward to spending more time with the kids and giving them all the love and support that I can.

Me with Junior and Allan

Sweet little Baby Marvelous

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