Japheth’s Progress


Japheth is doing a lot better and was discharged from the hospital a few weeks ago. We had a hard time deciding what our next step with him would be. His family is able, but no one is willing. He is only four years old and he’s been tossed from one place to another. He’s only known neglect and abuse and never been in a place where he is loved and accepted for who he is.
It breaks my heart that so many sweet, innocent children like Japheth are living in situations like this all over the world just because people are unable to view them through God’s eyes and see that they are perfect in his eyes. 
He is still underweight and malnourished so we have put him on a special diet to make sure that he keeps gaining weight and strength. He is adjusting to the house well and we are learning more about his sweet little personality. The first week, he cried the whole night, but he has already started sleeping through the night.  He can sit on his own and we are hopeful that with regular physical therapy he will start walking soon. 
He was crying all day unless he was being held then we figured out that the noise of the tv and all the other kids and sounds in the house is overwhelming to him. If he is where it’s quiet he will sit and play and laugh by himself or with one or two other kids. We are hoping to get him some headphones to help dull the noise so that he can play with all the other kids in the sitting room without being overwhelmed. 
We are excited and blessed to have Japheth in the house. He is a sweet little boy who just wants to be held and loved and he is already  making great improvements. 


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