It’s interesting how God brings kids into my life. I know I’ve said it before, but it’s the truth. On the way to Pascal’s house to meet his mother and talk about him coming to the house I spotted Junior. He was just sitting on the steps outside of his house. On the way back we stopped by and said hello. A sweet little smile instantly lit up his whole face. 
Junior on the first day I met him
I talked to his Aunt and learned that his mother was only fifteen years old when she had him and dumped him at his grandmother’s house when he was just a few months old and never came back. I told him we would come back and asked him what he wanted me to bring him. Most kids say candy, cake, soda and things like that. Junior told me that he wanted soap because he doesn’t like being dirty. It broke my heart. 
On my other visits I’ve found out just how badly Junior is treated. There are several other children that live in the house. They are clean. Junior is filthy, I brought him new clothes and the other kids are wearing the clean ones while he is still dirty. They are in school. Junior stays home, sitting on the step outside by himself all day. They are healthy. Junior is skinny and his legs are swollen, which is a sign of malnutrition. 
Junior is a perfect example of how kids with disabilities are so often neglected because of the simple fact that they are just a little bit different than everyone else. Junior has Hydrocephalus, but they placed a shunt when he was a baby and he talks, walks and even runs. He is so full of joy despite of all the obstacles that he faces daily. 
Almost every time I’ve visited Junior, Augustus has been with me. The first time, the other kids that came along were shy and nervous and stayed in the car. Augustus got out and introduced himself and reminded me all week to make sure that I brought him soap and some clean clothes. Then we went back a second time with some small treats for him. He noticed how Junior was treated differently than the other kids and took fifty shillings that he was given by a visitor that had recently visited the house and gave it to Junior. When we got home he said to me, “Mom, I feel so bad for Junior. I know this house is so full, but we can’t leave him there.” Augustus told the story of what he had seen that day to the house moms and they didn’t even hesitate and simply asked when he was coming.
For every little blessing that comes in the house I am reminded that I am more blessed to have such loving children and staff that welcome them with open arms. The work load is heavy, but their hearts break the same way as mine does when they hear of or see children being mistreated simply because they have a disability. 
Needless to say Junior moved into the house this week. He had the biggest smile on his face the whole time. He went straight into class and stayed there the whole day. I had to fight away the tears when I saw how the other students didn’t even hesitate to welcome him with loving arms. God is molding the hearts of all of these precious little ones at such a young age. I am blessed to be a part of their journeys. 

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