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We have been making frequent visits to Lillian’s home to check on her progress. Last Sunday afternoon we headed down to visit her. I had talked to her mom the day before and brought her a couple medications to help manage her pain and hopefully help her get a night sleep. I checked her vitals and her blood oxygen levels were only 84, and I talked to my friend who is a nurse and she said that in the U.S. they typically give oxygen with any reading that is under 88. When we sat her up and did the test again it went up to 92. So the next day we went back to her house to bring her mom a few things and some pillows to keep her propped up to see if that helps keep her oxygen levels higher. She did great for a few days and even ate solid food for the first time in weeks.


On Wednesday, we got a call that Lillian had been admitted to another hospital about an hour outside of town. So we made the drive to go and check on her. When we got there her mom told us that her breathing had gotten worse, she was very agitated and that she had 3 seizures that day. I checked her oxygen levels and they were down to 65, so I got her discharged from that hospital and we headed to the District Hospital in Kitale. They immediately put her on oxygen and she seemed to calm down once she was able to breath better.


I called the doctors at Kijabe Hospital, where she will be having her surgery on the 27th, and they said that they don’t think they will be able to get us in before that day. The doctors at Kitale District Hospital gave her antibiotics and tried to treat her new symptoms. She’s had a few more ups and downs, but is doing much better. Her oxygen levels have been stable since Thursday, she is less agitated, is finally eating and was able to come home on Monday.


Because Lillian’s spinal cord tumor is causing most of her issues, I talked to her mom about coming to stay at PKC with Lillian, instead of taking her home, until her surgery date. She quickly agreed and this way we can monitor her closely and easily get to the hospital if anything changes. She had a great first night at home. She still is a little agitated and doesn’t like to be held or even moved, but her breathing and appetite are so much better than last week. After a good nights sleep and a big breakfast she even flashed a smile for the first time in weeks. Please pray for Lillian during this last week before her big surgery.


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