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A lot of the work that goes on day to day at Precious Kids Center revolves around meeting the medical needs of many of our children. Many of them come in with issues that could have easily been treated if they had been addressed at an early age, but because of their home situation the funds to treat them quickly were not available. Sometimes it’s hard to get treatment quickly because the specialized doctors to meet their needs are not available. We currently have four kids with orthopedic issues and two children with heart issues awaiting treatment. Here are their stories:


Lillian came to us from another home that had been shut down after it was discovered that they were neglecting and abusing the children. She was quiet and shy and first, but quickly opened up once she realized she was finally in a safe place. Lillian was born with spina bifida that caused a lack of sensation in the lower part of her legs. She came to us with her left leg already amputated and in 2014 she developed a pressure sore on her right foot that never healed because of complications from her spina bifida. We tried many different treatments and surgeries to see if it would heal and in 2018 the doctors said that there was nothing more they could do and her leg needed to be amputated in April. She is currently using a prosthesis on her left leg and crutches to get around while we wait for her to fully heal before she can be fitted for two new prosthetic legs. They will cost $1,400 and we will go back for a check up in August to see if she is healed enough for them to start the process.


Eugene was born with hydrocephalus and had an operation to remove the excess fluid when he was eight months old. He was walking fine and then about a year ago his mother said that he just woke up one day and his right side no longer worked like it did before. This caused his ankle to be stuck in a tip toe position which makes walking difficult for him. The doctors at Cure Hospital said that they can correct this issue so that he can step properly and hopefully walk a little easier. This operation will cost $700.

Dolfrancia was born with one clubbed foot, which could have easily been fixed with casting when he was a baby, but his mother didn’t have the ability or the knowledge of where she could go to get help. He was reviewed by the doctors at Kijabe Hospital and they determined that his foot can be corrected with surgery. His operation will also cost $700.


Dolfrancia’s left foot is the one that the doctors will correct.

Caleb has down syndrome and came to us in January 2018. We quickly noticed that he had a chest deformity so we took him to get checked out. We were referred for an EKG, which showed that he has two large holes in his heart and some problems with the valves. The doctor said that there isn’t much that they can do for him at this point, but there is a special team of doctors coming from the States in September so we will be taking him for a second opinion.


Miriam also came to us this year in April. Her father has some developmental delays as well and he gave us a ton of medicines that he said he had picked up for her at the hospital. We noticed that she had a persistent cough and took her to make sure that she didn’t have Tuberculosis. The doctor took one quick listen to her chest and sent us for an EKG that determined that she has a hole in her heart. We will also be taking her in September for a review.


Please pray for these 5 precious ones and please contact me at if you are interested in finding out more about how you can help make these operations possible.

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