Meet Blessing, Kevin and Christine

Meet Blessing, Christine and Kevin

We love having this sweet little trio of siblings at PKC. One thing I love about this family is how much they love little Blessing. Both of her siblings make it a point to spend time with their sister each day and take turns feeding her at meal times.

We first met Blessing at a wheelchair distribution and could tell that she came from a needy family. So we got her mother’s number and scheduled a home visit follow up with them. We talked to her mother and learned a little more about Blessing. She was born without complications and then got meningitis when she was a year and a half and was unable to walk or talk again. Blessing was hospitalized during this time and her mother learned that both of them were HIV+. After having some more interactions with her mother we learned that she is an alcoholic which made it hard for her to provide the best care for her children. Blessing’s health is very fragile and she goes from being fine to being very sick very quickly. Please join us in keeping this sweet girl in your prayers.

Blessing came to us first, then her mom called us one day about an incident with Christine and a neighbor so we quickly went to pick her up because it was clear that home was not a safe place. We enrolled Christine at Greenfields Primary school where she is a boarding student along with several other children from the center.

Last but not least is Kevin. He is a sweet boy who loves his sisters and makes sure that the first thing he does every morning is to check on Blessing. He is in the second grade and loves playing with his other friends at PKC.

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