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A few weeks ago I got some messages from a missionary in Nakuru (a town about 4 hours away from Kitale) about a child who had been abandoned at the hospital 9 months ago. The social worker at the hospital was working with her to find a placement for him locally and they couldn’t find any other children’s homes or families that were willing to take him. I made the drive to Nakuru to meet him and see if there was anyway that we could help.

When I saw sweet little Caleb lying in his hospital bed and heard more of his story I knew that he would be a perfect fit for PKC. He was abandoned in the waiting area of the hospital one day. No one ever came to claim him and I was told that he was malnourished and his limbs were very stiff when he first came in. It was refreshing to see a child who was abandoned at the hospital who was in better shape than when he came. And it was obvious from all of the tearful goodbyes that he was well loved.

We crossed the equator and brought Caleb to his new home at PKC and he is doing great.

He is such an easy going little guy. Caleb has hydrocephalus and is not able to speak or sit unsupported, but his sweet little laugh fills the room. He loves being around the other kids and is making a quick and easy adjustment to his new environment.

Caleb holding Alex's hand during naptime.

Caleb holding Alex’s hand during naptime.

Allan is Caleb’s best bud and asked me what his last name was. I explained that he was like Moses, who also was abandoned at a hospital and is unable to speak, so we have to give him a new name because we don’t know what his is. Allan instantly suggested that we call him Carlos Pablito Toyota.


We are excited to have Caleb as a part of the PKC family and can’t wait to see what God has planned for his future.


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  1. nancyhubert July 10, 2016 at 8:34 pm #

    Love his name! Sammy, you continue to amaze me. Love you tonsXO

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