Meet Emmanuel Kipruto

I am a little behind on introducing new members of PKC. Emmanuel, Manu for short, has been with us since April. I first met Emmanuel at a clinic in Kitale. His mother had taken him for a checkup to make sure that his shunt was working and didn’t have the money to be able to get him to Kijabe the following week for a check up. She shyly waited by the car and quietly asked if I could help her. So I gave her a little money to go to Kijabe and get Emmanuel checked out.

Emmanuel and his mother.

When she came back we stopped by her house to check on them. When we got there we talked about Emmanuel and got to spend some time with him. He is four and a half years old and has Hydrocephalus. His mother had trouble getting the funds to pay for his surgery, but when the doctors at Kijabe saw how urgently he needed an operation they helped her out by doing it for free. Emmanuel’s father abandoned his family because he said that Emmanuel couldn’t possibly be his son. This left his mother to provide for not only Emmanuel, but three other children on her own. So she moved back in with her parents, who also didn’t seem like they were very loving or accepting of Emmanuel. We could see how much this mother loves her child and wants the best for him, the problem is she doesn’t have the income to be able to do that, so we brought him to live at PKC.

He is a smart little boy who is just starting to talk and within a week of him being at the house he already knew everyone’s names. We were able to get a special chair made to give him the proper support to sit on his own so that he can attend classes and be around the other kids. We love having feisty little Emmanuel around and love watching him excitedly start bobbing his head and waving his arms whenever he hears music.

Manu had a bit of a rough week. He was totally fine in the morning when he woke up and then he had a seizure. It was the first one that he had since coming to PKC and it didn’t stop on it’s own. So we rushed him to the hospital and he was immediately put on oxygen because his vitals had dropped. The ran a few blood tests and think that the cause of the seizure was an infection that he has in the bone of his skull. When he came to us he had just had his third operation to remove a pin that was placed in his skull and the incision never healed. We have been treating him with antibiotics, but the infection is too strong and has gotten into the bone of his skull.

After spending two days in the hospital he is now back at home and doing great. We are giving him injections at home, with the help of our nurse, for twelve days in hopes that this will clear up the infection. Please keep this little love in your prayers.



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