Meet Linah

This week we met Lina and Damaris. They come from a family of seven and both have Albinism. When we met my heart was broken by their situation and the more I learned about their family, the more I knew that I had to find a way to help them.


The parents have their own little plot of land in an area of town called Matisi. The main house is clean and furnished, but the girls sleep outside on dirty, worn out pieces of foam on the floor of their kitchen.


Their feet are covered with jiggers and they look generally miserable.


The other children at the home are friendly, happy and have huge smiles on their faces when we see us coming. Lina and Damaris are very shy and withdrawn and it is hard to get them to smile.


The mother told us that their father is a drunkard, abusive and all he cares about is getting his next drink, so most of the providing for her family lies on her shoulders. Having two children that need a little more special attention, which involves more finances puts an even bigger strain on her.


So today Lina moved into the house with the other kids. They welcomed her with open arms and literally gave her a hand in hand tour of the entire place. By day two you would have though she had been living there for years. She’s turned into a whole new kid just enjoying her new life with the simple pleasures that most of us take for granted every day. It has been great seeing her come out of her shell be in the place where she is truly free to be herself.

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