Meet Mercy and Elizabeth

A few years ago we went to do a home visit for Elizabeth and Mercy. These sisters both have cerebral palsy, but Elizabeth was still just a little baby and we saw that the situation at home was not bad and that they were well cared for, so we decided that it was not the right time for them to come to Precious Kids Center.

We went back to visit the family of another one of our kids and decided to stop by and pay them a visit because it was nearby. The situation had changed drastically. When we walked in we found only the girls at home lying alone on the bed. The neighbors went to call their mom while we sat with the girls. Mercy is six years old and Elizabeth is four and neither of them are able to sit independently or speak. Both of their parents are heavy drinkers and the girls suffered because of it.

This is where the girls spent all of their days, just lying on this mattress, waiting for someone to come home and feed them.

We came back the next week to move them into Precious Kids Center and their mom didn’t even want to come to see where her children would be living. She just wanted us to throw them into the car so that she could go on her way. We convinced her to come so that hopefully she will come visit them from time to time. The girls ate lunch then we decided to take them to the doctor to get a full check up because they both seemed weak. The doctor found that they both had a slight viral infection and we were able to get them medication. However, their biggest problem was malnutrition. Elizabeth has probably never been taken to physical therapy and her little arms and legs are stuck fully bent due to contractures.

After just two days at PKC, Mercy began to show us her sweet smile. We are hoping that with proper nutrition and therapy that they will continue to make big improvements and we are glad to have these sweet sisters with us.

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