Meet Rachel

I had gotten several calls about a child who was in need of rescue from two different friends of mine that have big hearts for helping children with disabilities. So I went to visit Rachel. We walked into the house and saw that she had her own little corner set up for her. Rachel has cerebral palsy and some characteristics of Autism, so they had her set up in her corner with enough cushions that she couldn’t hurt herself because if she had the chance she will bang her head the floor.

Rachel’s little safe space in her home

We talked to her grandpa in order to hear a little bit more about her story. It was very clear that her grandfather loved her very much, but on his own was having trouble meeting all of her needs. Rachel’s father has a mental illness and is unable to care for his daughter and her mother is around, but due to her father’s mental illness it became difficult for her to stay with Rachel because he was constantly threatening her.

Rachel and her grandfather



So we went to the children’s office and explained her situation and told them that we don’t want her father to know where she will be staying. Rachel’s mother and grandfather agreed that was best and came with us to PKC so that they can come and visit her when they have the time.

We just love Rachel’s sweet smile and laugh and are eagerly waiting to see how she improves with proper nutrition and physical therapy.

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