Meet Sharon

I met Sharon at the District hospital. She was in the bed next to Rhoda when she was admitted to the hospital. Sharon was brought in by her grandmother and her mother. Sharon is almost 2 years old and weighed 6kgs when they brought her in. She had severe pneumonia and was very weak. The doctors worked hard to treat her illness as well as pump her full of nutritional foods to help her get to a healthy weight.

During her stay at the hospital we got to know her family a little better. Her mother, Linah, has some cognitive delays and is unable to care for her on her own and can do very few things independently. Her mother in law, Phelister, stayed at the hospital with her for the three weeks it took Sharon to be healthy enough to go home. Phelister explained that Linah is unable to do most tasks alone and needs to constantly be watched. Linah is also pregnant with twins, so we called Sharon’s dad to come and ask if he would agree to having her come to stay at PKC. He also seems to have some cognitive delays, but he agreed that Sharon would benefit from having a safe place to stay with lots of people around to ensure that she gets proper nutrition.

Sharon with her grandmother


Sharon is thriving in the few days that she’s been with us. The other kids love carrying her around and she is always smiling. We are blessed to have this sweet little girl with us and can’t wait to see how she improves.

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