Meet Sheila

We’ve gotten a bit behind on our introductions of new kids at Precious Kids Center. We grew so fast and things got hectic so we have many new friends that have yet to be introduced. Stay tuned for more posts introducing all of our new precious ones.

Every child’s path to Precious Kids Center is truly unique. Sheila showed up at the gate alone one evening and said that her mother sent her to come stay with us. She was scared and untrusting of the adults around her and kept changing her story. Since we couldn’t get a straight story out of her, we decided to head over to the children’s office so that they would have her case on file and advise us on what to do next.

The children’s officer began asking Sheila questions about home and she burst into tears. Her mother died when she was only four years old and her twin sister died shortly after. She was living with her step mother who was very abusive and kept sending her away from her house. Sheila was scared and alone and had seen our kids come to the church near her house so she decided that was her vest bet of finding help.

We are so glad to have Sheila around. Her personality is really starting to shine now that she knows that she finally has a safe and loving place to call home.

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