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We have currently 42 people on staff at Precious Kids Center. We have been blessed with people that are not just in it for the paycheck, but are truly devoted to caring for the kids and seeing them improve. Each and everyone of them goes above and beyond their job description to help out where needed. Their hard work makes everything at Precious Kids Center run smoothly.

Many of our staff come from needy families or have young children that are also a part of our Precious Kids family. Our policy is to assist our staff members with the education of one child through 8th grade, but since many of our staff have multiple children many of the little ones that aren’t yet old enough to be in school come to hang out with us too. Here are some pictures of the sweet children of our wonderful staff.

Amani. Her mother is Anet, one of our housemoms.

John’s dad works as a cook

Maureen’s mom is Ann, one of our housemoms

Kibe and Kim are students at our school and their mom is Salome, our fourth grade teacher.

Enoch’s mom, Alice is one of our housemoms.

This big crew belongs to Leah and Rick. Leah is one of our housemoms and Rich helps out on the farm.

Angel and Faith. Their mom is one of our laundry ladies.

Eglay, one of our housemoms, and her son Timothy.

Emmaculate and Faith. Their mother Carol is one of our laundry ladies.

Alice is one of our housemoms. Her daughter Zipporah and her grandson Obama stay with us at the center.

Sheryl’s mother, Elizabeth is one of our fourth grade teachers

Pauline and Collins mother is Rosebella, one of our laundry ladies.

Abuid and Seth’s father is our nightguard, Benjamin.

Isaac’s mother Catherine is one of our laundry ladies

Salome is Eglay’s daughter and her brother Timothy stays at the center as well.

Kevin, Esther, Mary, Christine and Samson. This big, happy family belongs to Jacky, one of our laundry ladies.

Junior, Allan and Whitney all stay at the center. Their mother Colette is one of our housemoms.


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