Meet Trina

Another new blessing has fallen into the care of Precious Kids Center. Meet Trina.

She is four years old and was born with mild cerebral palsy. Only her right side is affected. She is an active, sassy little girl who is shy at first, but quickly warms up. It’s interesting the way that God works. I met Trina years ago on my third trip to Kitale. She was living with her father in an area of town called Kipsongo. So many people had told me about her case and it was never the right time to take her into the home until now. 
Trina’s father has been sick for a long time and is no longer able to give her the care that she needs. He had Tuberculosis of the spine years ago and it left him with some very severe spinal issues. He can’t bend well and if he sits down he needs someone to pull him up into the standing position. He is getting weaker and it is hard for him to care for such an active little one. 
Trina and her father, Peter.
Her right hand has less strength than the left and is a little difficult for her to move. However, it doesn’t slow her down a bit. She works to use both hands which is great because she will continue to gain strength. The physical therapist at the house will be making her a splint for her hand to help it stay in the position that it needs to be in for her to continue improving and will continue doing therapy on her leg to ensure that her gait continues to improve. We had an extra leg splint at the house that is the perfect size and bought her a new pair of shoes that fit the splint perfectly. The splint is working great and helping her balance and gait improve.
The search for the perfect pair of shoes.
She is fitting into the house great and loves having so many other kids around to play with. She is such a joyful little girl and we are blessed and excited to have her as a part of her group. Please keep her father, Peter in your prayers and pray that his health improves. Also pray for Trina to continue making a smooth adjustment to living at the house.
Trina and all of her new friends!

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