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We’ve gotten a bit behind on our introductions of new kids at Precious Kids Center. We grew so fast and things got hectic so we have many new friends that have yet to be introduced. Stay tuned for more posts introducing all of our new precious ones.

I first met Triza about five years ago before we had even opened Precious Kids Center. We met with the area chief of a slum called Matisi and met a few children that she had identified from her community. I remember her clearly because her father was trying his hardest to convince me to take her that very same day. He had even packed up all of her things in a suitcase and was willing to give his daughter away to someone he had only known for five minutes.

I had not heard anything from Triza since that day until her mother came by one day to ask if we could help her daughter. Her mother explained that Triza’s father had left them because he could not handle caring for a child with a disability. Without a husband to help provide for them, Triza’s mother had not been able to afford the rent on her own house. She was then

Triza was all smiles on the way to PKC

Triza was all smiles on the way to PKC

forced to move into her sister’s house with Triza.  Not everyone in Kenya is accepting and welcoming of children with disabilities so Triza suffered while her mother went to work during the day. Her aunt and uncle did not want her in the house while her mother was gone so she sat outside all day rain or shine without food. There is also a risk of leaving a young, vulnerable girl outside in a slum area all day where she can easily be taken advantage of. I stopped by to visit one day and she squealed in excitement and starting telling everybody goodbye and that she would be back to visit them after schools closed for the holidays. Her mother wasn’t around so I told her that I would come back soon to take her to school a different day. Triza immediately shot back and said, “I know you have her phone number, just give her a call.” So that’s just what I did and we loaded her up into the car that very same day.



She is a little bundle of energy and doesn’t let anything hold her back. When she came to us she could only crawl, but through the hard work of our physical therapists over the past two years, she is now able to walk independently. We are very proud of all of her hard work and progress. She has recently been having some medical issues and has developed a seizure disorder. Please keep her in your prayers as we try to find what is the cause and get her medication to keep her from having more seizures.

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