Meet Valarie and Heather

We’ve gotten a bit behind on our introductions of new kids at Precious Kids Center. We grew so fast and things got hectic so we have many new friends that have yet to be introduced. Stay tuned for more posts introducing all of our new precious ones.


Valarie is one of our boarding students at the school. This means that she stays with us while school is in session and goes home for the holidays. Her parents are able to afford for her to go to school, but couldn’t find a school that was a great fit for their child.

Valarie is a wonderfully energetic 9 year old who just needs someone who understands her needs. She is unable to speak, but understands everything said to her and has made great improvements since coming to stay with us.

Meet Heather 

We met Heather’s aunt one day when Valarie, who also has Autism, was sick and we took her to the hospital. When her aunt saw us caring for Valarie, she asked a little more about the school and brought us Heather the next day.

Heather is also a boarding student who goes home for the holidays. She is nonverbal, but she loves to sing. Her mother loves her very much and we are happy to be able to provide her with a safe school environment.


We love having these two girls around!


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