Meet Vivian, Andrew and Vincent

We’ve gotten a bit behind on our introductions of new kids at Precious Kids Center. We grew so fast and things got hectic so we have many new friends that have yet to be introduced. Stay tuned for more posts introducing all of our new precious ones.


Meet Vivian

We heard about a child who was living with her grandmother and that’s when we first went to see Vivian. We walked into her house and greeted a shy and quiet Vivian who was sitting on the couch. Her grandmother went on to explain that her daughter had dropped off Vivian when she was only three years old and never came back. Her grandmother did a great job caring for Vivian all those years because she looked to be very healthy, but now because Vivian had grown so much she was having trouble carrying her around. We looked at this sweet grandmother who only wanted what was best for sweet Vivian and knew that she would be a perfect fit for PKC.

So Vivian moved in and began to make great improvements. When she first came she was quiet and shy and now whenever you walk into the house her sweet giggles and squeals of delight are the first thing you can hear. She is starting to be able to feed herself independently and loves being in class with the other students. She is truly a joy to have around and we are excited to see how she continues to improve.

Meet Andrew

We met Andrew through the grandfather of Samuel Odhiambo. They come from the same area and when they heard that Sammy was in school, they came to us and asked if we could help their son. So we scheduled a home visit and went to meet sweet Andrew. We walked in to find him sitting in the only piece of furniture in the whole house, a single chair in the corner. He reached out and shook our hands and we sat down to talk to his mother. She told us that Andrew was born without complications and got meningitis when he was three years old that made him unable to walk to talk. He also developed a seizure disorder. They told us that they had tried everything that they could to help their son and when they ran out of money they had to stop looking for treatment.


Andrew moved in about a week after this home visit and is doing great. Therapy is helping his muscles get less stiff. He also doesn’t let his challenges hold him back. Even though he cannot sit up independently, he gets around by rolling around the room. He always makes sure to great me when I come in with a handshake and a huge smile. We love having Andrew around and can’t wait to see how he continues to improve.


Vincent is another one that had a particularly rough life. His mother was caught while trying throw him into a river and was taken to jail. He was taken to a local children’s home that was not equipped to handle his special needs, but they were willing to give him care when he urgently needed a safe place to stay. After a few years, their funding was low so they needed to find a new home for Vincent and we welcomed him with open arms.

Vinny is a talkative fourteen year old boy who loves to sing and dance. He had never been in school before, but is working hard on his writing skills. Vinny also has some developmental delays due to his epilepsy. Please keep him in your prayers because lately his medication doesn’t seem to be working and he has been having seizures frequently.We are glad to call Vincent one of our own.

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