Meet Wilson, Mary and Michelle

Meet Wilson

 Wilson came to us after living at another children’s home for about 7 years prior. I had known him a little bit throughout this time because he went to school with some of our older boys at Greenfields. He has cerebral palsy that effects his right side and his speech. After his teachers talked to his previous guardian, they decided that he needed a school environment where he could receive more one on one attention, so he moved over to PKC full time.

At first he had a hard time making the adjustment, but after a few weeks he began to open up and make friends at his new home and school. He is very helpful and is always the first to volunteer to help feed kids at mealtimes. He loves playing checkers on his makeshift board when he’s not in school.

We love having Wilson as a part of our family!

Meet Mary Wanjiko

Mary’s neighbor called me one day to go and pay her a visit. When I walked in I met sweet little Mary. Her mom wasn’t around, but I walked over and picked her up and she smiled at me the whole time we were talking with her aunt.

After a few weeks we went back and talked to her mother about bringing her to the center. Mary’s mom loves her very much and tried her best to care for her, but being a single mother, she was forced to lock her into the house while she went to work to provide for her family.

Mary has cerebral palsy and cannot sit, walk or talk on her own. She has the sweetest smile and we love having her around.

Meet Michelle Cherotich

Michelle was the neighbor of our social worker, who identified her as a child in need. She does not have any disabilities, but was a vulnerable girl in the village living with her grandmother. She was not in school and she was malnourished when she first came to us.

Michelle when she first came to the house

Now Michelle is in the second grade and is doing very well in school. She is a great help with the other kids and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.


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