Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Precious Kids Center.

A few of the kids went home to spend Christmas with their families so we had space to have a few extras over to celebrate Christmas with us. We spent the day at home playing with all of their new toys and ate a nice dinner. Thank you all for your continued support that allows us to keep putting such big smiles in the joyful hearts of these precious little ones. 
Cyril was so excited to have her new toys.


So was Bramwel


Rodricks came to spend Christmas with us.


Manu playing ring toss


Franco and Augustus playing mini golf.


Willy loves his new ball.


Manu loves his new ball too!


Sam got a hole in one!


Manu loved the ring toss


Lucy judging the ring toss


Bramwel working on his swing.


Rodricks shooting hoops




Manu and Lucy playing volleyball


Our make shift Christmas tree
I let the kids decorate themselves.


Dan watching TV with his new bear.


Augustus helping Julius play with his new car


Mary and Japheth.


Lucy, Mary and Lillian



Mary, Augustus and Lucy hanging out with Japheth and Julius


Manu and Rodricks.



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