New Beds and Desks


These past few months I have also had the privilege of working alongside several teams that have some to serve in Kitale. I always love being around people who have never been to Kenya before because it reminds me of how exciting and new everything was when I first came.

In March we had a team that was such a blessing to us at Precious Kids Center. These guys rolled in ready to work on making us new beds and desks to fill up our new home. These guys were here for only a few short days and worked as hard as they could the whole time and were able to make us about 15 new beds and 20 new desks.

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I brought some of the kids by to see what had been made and it was so fun to hear their squeals of joy when they saw everything that had been made.

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Because of the time crunch there were still a few finishing touches that were needed before the beds were ready to be slept in. I brought a few of the big boys with me to help sand and paint the beds and desks so they would be ready on moving day.

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Thanks again to everyone who was a huge blessing to us on this team!



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