New Classroom, New Students, New Friends


We are blessed to have many  new faces around the house this week. We added three new students this term and they are all a joy to have around. We have grown so much in these last few months that we decided to add another teacher. Now we divide the students into baby class and middle class. The special education students stay with the middle class. Now there is a smaller student to teacher ratio and they all that enough space where they can learn.
Middle Class



Baby class


Angel started with us this week. She is a quiet little girl, but a very quick learner and we are excited to have her around. 
Little Nathaniel couldn’t keep his eyes open on the first day of school. He is getting used to coming and is already making lots of new friends.


We met Prudence last year, but did not take her to come stay at the house because her parents are great and take very good care of her. Her parents heard that we started in school and her sponsor decided to have her come during the day and learn with us. She has a great smile and loves greeting anyone who walks into the room. We are glad that she is now in school and getting the physical therapy that she needs to continue improving. 
Marvelous and Maureen came to the house a couple months ago when they were sick.  After having them around they quickly became part of the group so we decided to keep them around.Marvelous had been going to Purpose Driven Academy in the preschool that they have there. It’s great to see her real personality coming out in an environment where she feels at home. At school she was always so quiet and at the house she is the center of attention. She is the fastest talker and most animated storyteller I have ever heard.
Maureen’s mother works at the house, but she had been staying with her grandparents. She is such a sweet little girl with a very helpful heart. She loves playing with all of the kids especially little Manu. Every night after dinner time she gets the broom and starts sweeping with out even being asked. We are excited to have her around for good. 
One of our other house moms sister recently passed away leaving sweet little Zipporah all alone. She had no where to go so we brought her to stay at the house as well. She was very shy for the first week, but now she is warming up to being in a new place and doing well. She has a sassy little attitude and a sweet smile.

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