New Classroom


The school is doing well. I am amazed at how many times we struggle to make a decision, wondering if we are making the right choice. Then we started the school on the faith that God would provide all we need and he hasn’t failed us yet. The classroom that we were using was small. The kids crammed in the room and the teacher didn’t have much space to walk around and barely enough room to stand. There was no space for Dan and Isaac because they need support to be able to sit and there was no room for their sitting aides. We knew it was cramped in there, but we were grateful that God provided us with the means to start educating these children.
The kids in the old classroom.
Then we had a team from Saddleback Church that came to visit the house. They asked us what our needs are and we told them that we would like to build a temporary classroom so that all of the kids would have enough space and opportunity to start learning and they gave us the financial support that we needed to build the classroom.
The new building.
The new building is finished and is exactly what we needed. All the kids are able to sit and learn together. We are now planning on gathering items to make an area in the old classroom where the younger kids can play with educational games after lunch and the ones who need a little extra support can have a quiet place to work one on one with the teacher.  


Dan and Isaac in class.
We are amazed and thankful at all of your continued love and support. Thanks again!

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