New Students!


Sorry for the long break in blog updates. We’ve had a crazy few weeks. More updates to come soon, this is just the beginning. The school is back in session and doing well. Our new students are settling in and we are blessed to have more students keep coming in. 
The Kindergarteners hard at work.


Baby class


Silly Daville


Sammy loves playing with his tires


John and Caleb on the swings.


Sweet Rael


We made a separate room that is set up for teaching students that need more individualized instruction. We pull the kids out one by one so that they can have some time to learn at their own pace and focus on grasping a few important concepts at a time. Out of our 25 students we have 8 that we pull out for individualized instruction. Here are some pictures of some of the kids hard at work in our new classroom. 
Rael working with touch and feel letters.
Cyril is still working on stacking blocks.
She gets frustrated easily so we are starting off with easy tasks.
Julie loves her puzzles.


Willy working on his colors and matching.
Augustus had been staying with us for the month of April because when school closes he has no place to go. He’s such a great kid with a very big heart. Without being asked he dives right in and changes diapers if he sees one of the kids is wet, he helps at feeding time, he breaks up little squabbles between the kids and always is so full of joy no matter what he is doing. He went back to school for a week when I got a call that he was sick. He has an umbilical hernia that has been causing him to have some stomach pain. I took him home from school for the weekend before he had to go to the doctor. He needs a special diet, a bunch of small meals throughout the day, which is hard to provide in the boarding school environment. So we decided to move him into the house. Now he is going to Milimani Primary with Lillian. They go to school in the morning and then come home for lunch. We are glad to have him here for good. The doctor said that if with this diet, he still has pain that he may need an operation so please keep him in your prayers. 
Sammy was living with Leila’s kids and his dad came to take him home for Christmas and never brought him back. We went to visit him a few weeks ago and found him in bad shape. He was skinny and dirty and just sitting at his house by himself. So we talked to his father and moved him back to Leila’s house. He is now coming to school at our house and he loves it. We also found out this week that he has an inguinal hernia. The doctor gave us some medicine to help and we go back in a week to see if he needs an operation to have it removed. We are praying that the medication works and that he doesn’t have to have surgery. 
Last year, Julie stayed with us at the house for a week and then we had to bring her back because at the time she was not a good fit for the house. She was too aggressive and would hit the other kids, and many of them can’t even defend themselves. Since then I’ve visited Julie monthly to make sure that she is doing well and to make sure that she has her epilepsy medication. Most of the time I find her at home by herself during the day. It’s dangerous here to leave a girl like Julie, who is unable to talk at home alone because people can easily take advantage of her. So now she is coming to school at the house. Her mother drops her off in the morning before she goes to work and then comes to pick her up afterward. She is doing great in school and is getting along great with the other children. We are excited to have her here and see how she improves. 
Julie just hanging out after school.

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