New Year. New Blessings.


We are excited for this new year and are excited for the things that God is doing around here. We have been blessed with so much support in so many different ways this past year. 
We’d like to give a special thank you to Bre and Jay for helping us finish building the rest of the rooms at the house. Now we have extra space to keep expanding an moving into the next phase that God has planned for the house. 
The side of the house when we first moved in.
All the rooms finished.
As we approached the new year we were thinking about where to send the kids at the house to school. We had dreams of starting a school, but were going to wait until we could afford land, buildings and all of that other stuff. Then we thought why not now? God blessed us with more space and then it will be easy to make sure that the individual educational needs of every one of our kids are being met. So, we decided to open up an integrated pre school where the kids can start learning and growing to their full potential. We are blessed to have found an excellent teacher with a caring heart to invest in the lives of these young kids.
Teacher Cristabel with her students.
Margaret, Christabel’s daughter, who also is a part of our little school.


Cristabel and all the kids singing, playing and learning together.
I am excited to be able to put my education into practice as I begin to work with the ECD (Early Childhood Development) Teacher to plan our curriculum and design an individualized education plan for the ones that need extra support to be able to learn. I have been taking the kids out one at a time to spend some time one on one reviewing what the teacher covers daily in class. We made a few activities that the kids can be presented the material in a new way to support their learning. Here are a few pictures we took during one on one time.
Willy working on his colors.


Lavender working on counting and identifying numbers 1-3


Manu working on sorting and matching colors.
We are starting with eleven of the kids living at the house and six children staying at another children’s home that is run by my good friend Leila. The kids come in the morning for school and then go home in the afternoon. It’s great having her kids around to give our kids that little push and support that they need to learn.
Leila and all her kids.












We are excited for what God has in store for us as he continues to bless us by expanding our territory.
Also this month Lillian started third grade at Milimani Primary.  She is was a little nervous to be starting a new school in a new town, but she is a confident little girl and is already making friends and making a  quick adjustment. After school she comes home in the afternoon and sits in the classroom with the other kids and helps the teacher work with the ones who need a little extra support. 

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  1. Nancy Hubert February 7, 2013 at 4:49 pm #

    I see Manu is enjoying the sorting bugs from Discovery Toys! YAY!!

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