Pascal and Japheth

Pascal came to us about a year and a half ago off of the streets of Kitale. Like so many boys who are living in town, they have homes, but do not stay there for one reason or another. Before Pascal came to Precious Kids Center he took us to his home to meet his mother, Rose. I learned that his father had died when he was about 8 years old, leaving her to struggle to provide for her seven children on her own. Pascal told me that he left home to fend for himself in town after his mother could no longer afford for him to go to school.

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Rose called us a few months ago saying that she was in the hospital and would like us to come visit her. So we loaded up the van with Pascal and a few of his friends from the house and went to see his mom. We learned that she has been diagnosed with cervical cancer. After she left the hospital we kept visiting every Saturday and noticed that she was getting weaker and weaker each time. She began Chemotherapy and it was really hard on her system and was making her very weak.

Every time we’ve gone to visit Rose we’ve found Japeth, the mini version of Pascal who is seven years old waiting there for us with his big smile. The first time we visited he was in school and well cared for.


Rose was struggling to take him to school and even cook meals for him while the older boy is away. We went one afternoon to talk with Rose before she had to go to the hospital for a check up in a town an hour away. We didn’t know if they were going to have her stay overnight or what the process would be. When we asked her who would watch Japheth she said that she would have to look for some money to buy food, plus a little extra to pay the neighbor to keep an eye on him. I looked at Pascal and some of the older boys that had come with us and we all knew that we couldn’t leave him there. Japheth has been with us since April and is doing great. He is happy to be back in school and loves being able to spend more time with his brother.

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Last week Japheth and Pascal went to spend the week at home with their mother. Rose is still undergoing treatment and is in a lot of pain. Her oldest daughter, Faith, moved back home to help take care of her mother.  Please keep Rose, Faith and her sweet boys in your prayers.


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