Prayers for Florence

In June we got a call about a child in need and we made the long drive on muddy roads to visit her. Florence is 18 months old and started showing signs of Hydrocephalus when she was five months old. Her parents took her to a hospital in Eldoret in hopes of getting treatment and after being admitted for two weeks they sent her home and said that she didn’t have any excess fluid in her brain. Her parents had used all of their resources trying to get her treatment and so they kept her home and tried to do their best to care for her.

After meeting sweet Florence, we knew that we had to try to help her in any way we could. So we brought her and her mother to stay at the kids house with us for a few days while we did a few last minute scans and tests before sending her to Kijabe hospital to be evaluated by their neurosurgeons.

At Kijabe Hospital the doctors took a second look at her CT scans and told us that the situation was worse than we had originally thought. They found that she has a large tumor at the base of her brain that is keeping the fluid from being able to circulate in the way that it should. They said that because of where the tumor is they won’t be able to remove it because it could potentially cause more harm. They would like us to take her to get an MRI so that they can get a better look at exactly what is going on in her brain and see if they will be able to place a shunt to give her a better quality of life.

Please pray for healing and pain relief for Florence as we wait and see what our next steps to help her will be. Please pray for her mother as she deals with this new diagnosis of her child and that God will give her strength.

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