Prayers for Willy, Japheth and Julius


It’s been an emotional few days around here. Many of the kids have been sick this week, so we’ve been running around to many doctors offices getting CT scans, ultrasounds and other tests. 
Willy was sick with malaria last week, but we had a nurse come to the house and give him injections for three days then he improved quickly. Then a few days ago, he started having more and and longer seizures during the day and night. Now he is weak from the stress of having so many seizures and he isn’t eating, walking or talking. He has done this many times before and has gone almost five months with very few seizures. It is sad to seem him down again, but it was a blessing to see him doing so well and being healthy for such a long period of time. We started him on IV fluids early and are praying that he recovers quickly.
Japheth is doing well and gaining weight, but we’ve noticed that if he is sitting up after meals that he can’t keep his food down. So we took him to get an X-ray today and the results showed that there is a problem with his diaphragm. After he eats, if he is laying down he has no problem but the food doesn’t digest properly if he is sitting. The doctors ordered more tests to find the exact problem, so we will go to Eldoret for more tests next week to see if he needs an operation. Other than that Japheth is making huge improvements. He started off being very sensitive to noise, but he is getting used to being around the other kids and is such a joyful little guy. 

Julius is having the most complicated health issues. We’ve been running him around to doctors offices for months being referred for more tests and still not getting answers. Julius is three years old and his development is extremely delayed. He has been diagnosed with microcephaly, cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He doesn’t cry when he feels pain, he doesn’t laugh or smile, he can’t sit, walk, talk and doesn’t respond to noises. He has also been having problems digesting his food. So yesterday we took him to get a CT scan of his head and abdomen and we got the results today. The diagnoses was heartbreaking. The scan showed that his brain is smaller than it should be because of the microcephaly and that there are areas where the brain is atrophying and inactive, which is causing the developmental delays. They also told us that the meningitis that he had when we met him at the hospital has caused hydrocephalus. The doctors told us that he has gastroparesis because the damage to his brain is preventing the muscles in his stomach from working properly. 
The doctor told us that even if they place a shunt to fix the hydrocephalus, the other problems are irreversible. He said that they can make his quality of life better for the time being, but there is little they can do at this point since his body is unable to properly digest food. 

Julius has come a long way since the day that I met him. He has gained weight and his health has improved despite the huge medical challenges that he is facing. God has helped him get this far and will continue to see him through. He brings the light of hope into places where our eyes only see darkness and despair. We are going to Eldoret tomorrow to see a neurologist and see what our next step should be. All I can really do is place faith and hope in God that His purpose for Julius will be fulfilled. I am blessed with great staff that surround me and the kids. Whenever I come back from the doctors with bad news, they always say that now we need to leave it to God. And isn’t that the truth. It is comforting to know that God is holding each one of us in his infinite arms and will carry us through, no matter what the end result might be.
 Please keep Julius, Willy, Japheth and the rest of the kids in your prayers this week. 

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