Precious Kids Center 2017 Update

Thanks for being a supporter of Precious Kids Center! So many great things happened last year and we couldn’t have grown without your support. Here are a few highlights from 2017.

We’ve added 50 new children to the PKC family in the past year and a half. This brings our total to 110 kids living in the house. The oldest resident is Favor and she is twenty-eight years old and our youngest is Darren who is a just eighteen months old. We currently have 151 students at our school. We are excited to see how much we have grown in just one short year and expand outreach to be able to reach more children with disabilities in the community and are excited for what 2018 will hold for them.

Apart from all of the new children that came to PKC, we also have many of our older residents that have made big improvements. Quinta, Triza, and Ayub have all started walking with the help of the physical therapy that they receive twice weekly.

It also breaks my heart to share that we lost four of our beloved kids last year: two of our longest residents, Dinah and Issac, and five newer residents, Alex, Veronica, Morgan, Faith, and Dan.

We had three students that were in class 8 last year and took their national exams in November. This is a huge deal because after taking these tests they get accepted to different high schools based on their performance. Our boys did very well and two of them scored high enough to be able to go to nationally ranked schools. This year we have five more who will take the exams in November and we are hopeful that they will do great on their exams.

We also have expanded our staff to be better able to meet the needs of our children. We’ve added a cook who prepares meals for the children to make the house mom’s job a little easier. We also added three new house moms that provide all the care for the children. At our school, we also added three teachers, including a special education teacher to provide our children with extra learning needs more specific and individualized instruction.

A well was also put in so that we now have an adequate amount of water from a reliable source. We also rented three acres of land that were used to plant maize for the children to be able to eat throughout the year. We were able to harvest 35 bags of maize, which will feed the children for about six months. We were also able to by two cows that provide all the milk for the children so that we no longer have to purchase milk for the children. We also have 50 chickens so that the kids have plenty of fresh eggs.

We took so many kids last year, but Ayub, who came to us last year has been through a lot and made the greatest improvements. I had met him two years before and was told that he had passed away. While at the hospital with another child I saw a very malnourished child that came from a neighboring children’s home and after taking a good look at him, realized it was Ayub. He had been abandoned and the home that he was taken to wasn’t properly equipped to handle his case. I went and found his mother and it turned out that she had taken him to stay with his grandmother who had further neglected him until the point where he was so malnourished that he had to be hospitalized.

After he was discharged we took Ayub back to PKC and gave him all the food he wanted, started him on physical therapy while also giving him all the love and attention that he should have been getting throughout his life. We started to see big improvements and he started smiling and gesturing.

Fast forward to now Ayub is able to walk independently and can say about 20 words. He attends class and loves playing outside and is usually covered in dirt from head to toe. We have loved being able to see his sweet little quirky personality emerge.

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