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Typically people in Kenya are not used to dealing with people with disabilities. Although I know they are kids that want to be loved and cared for, many view them as a curse. It’s always encouraging to find people with the heart to reach out to parents of people with disabilities and try to find a way to help them. This week Lucy stopped by my house and told me that she knew of a few children in need. It is great to see her heart that is broken by children who aren’t getting the proper love and care that they need and deserve. We met her today and she took us to meet two new friends. 
Gracious is a sweet two year old boy who has cerebral palsy. He can’t sit on his own, but his smile lights up the room. His mother is young and doing her best to care for him on her own. Her own mother said that she couldn’t stay in her house with Gracious and that she could come back if she threw him away. He is happy and healthy, his mother tries her best to take him to get therapy once a week and even had a chair constructed to help him with learn to sit and stand. She said that she hopes that one day he will walk. She loves her son and is doing her best with the little resources she has. 
We also met Faith. It’s interesting how God brings kids back into my life. I met Faith and her mother before we even opened the home, when we were still looking for the first children to move into the house. We dropped her at home after the meeting and I tried to go back and find her twice and I never did. 
Then today we walk into the home and I see Faith. She is seventeen years old and has cerebral palsy. She can’t sit, walk, or talk. Her father left the family and her mother is left with three children to support on her own. Faith is a happy girl with a great smile. It was good to see them again and know that they are doing well. 
The children’s office also called us to go meet a new kid and see how we can help. Four years ago she was found by the police abandoned in town. She couldn’t talk so nobody knew her name, where she came from or who her parents were. The children’s officer who came to handle the case gave her the name Hope. The children’s office had trouble placing her. Now she is staying with a family in a loving home. She is being well cared for, but they are looking for a way for her to continue to improve. They want her a way to get some sort of basic education and learn a vocational skill. 
Once again I pray that God will give me direction and guide my next steps with these children. The house is full to the brim, yet there are so many children in need. We try our best to help where we can. For now the best way forward is to keep them in our prayers and stop by regularly to make sure that they are doing alright. I want to bring them to the house to do physical therapy and have the doctor teach these mothers how to do simple exercises at home to help their children continue improving. I also would like to see if we can get Gracious a sitting aide and Faith a wheelchair to help them gain strength and mobility and Hope a teacher to help her mind continue to grow. Please keep these precious children and their families in your prayers. 

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