God puts everyone into the right place at the right time. He has a plan for each and every minute of each day of our lives. Last week some friends from Uganda came to stay a few days in Kitale. As we were walking through Shimo, one of the visitors told me that someone was calling my name. I didn’t hear anything, but I went back to see who it was. I walked around and saw a man crawling on the floor. I got closer and still didn’t know who it was, but I knew he was sick, weak, and wouldn’t make it if nobody helped him.

Then it hit me. It was Sammy. He was always the first at my car when I came to town. He was born and raised in the streets in Kitale.
He is about 23 years old, but looking at him now you wouldn’t think that he was younger than 40. He has had TB for a long time and keeps starting and stopping the medicine because his alcoholism gets in the way. The day before the other kids in town told me that he had passed away and then I was heartbroken all over again at seeing him like this. 
So I called his friend Jackson who is often in town with him. We sent them to the District Hospital where he was turned away because they said he is a drunk and a street boy. So I told Jackson we would meet them back it his house and figure out what to do next. In the hour’s time that Sammy had been away, the neighbors had demolished his house. They didn’t want him around. So they made it impossible for him to come back. 
Sammy has been thrown out and tossed away by everyone he knows. He’s been given up on and written off as a lost cause. Seeing someone so weak and vulnerable, unable to walk or speak clearly and the people around him still don’t have compassion for him in his situation is heartbreaking. 
I know that there is the risk that once Sammy recovers he will go back to his old lifestyle, but God calls us to help the lost causes and allow him to do his work in their hearts. Jackson’s heart was also broken by Sammy’s situation. He agreed to help take care of him and I am amazed by how dedicated he is to getting Sammy back to his healthy self. 
Jackson and Sammy.


Sammy’s feet were full of jiggers and after removing them they were still painful.
We went to visit them and we found Jackson soaking and cleaning his feet.
We are doing all we can and relying on God to do the rest. Please keep Sammy in your prayers as his body continues to heal and he continues gaining strength.  

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