Sammy’s Operation Updates


A few weeks ago I posted about one of our students, Sammy, who had an inguinal hernia. We had taken him to the doctor’s and they gave him some medication, but he ended up needing to have an operation.

Sammy had the surgery at the District Hospital on Tuesday to remove an inguinal hernia and it went great. There were no complications and he was discharged the next day. He is staying with us this week while he recovers so that we can keep him on a balanced diet and keep a close eye on him. 
He’s doing great. You can’t even tell that he had an operation. God is good and not only did the surgery go well, but he isn’t in paint and is as happy as ever.The most difficult part about his recovery is making him sit down and rest.
Thank you for all of your prayers and please continue to pray that the rest of his healing process goes smoothly and that he makes a full recovery.


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