School Update

As term 2 comes to an end, our students are currently preparing to go home for the entire month of August to get some much needed rest.Our students are such hard workers.They finished their exams this week and we are very proud of their scores. Our teaching staff has also worked tirelessly with each of their students to ensure that they are progressing and performing to the best of their abilities. Here a few pictures from the past term of our wonderful students.

Mary and Gracie

Willy and Brian

Brian, Praise and Boniface enjoying each others company.



Teacher Rose supervising her students at recess.

Boniface lounging.

Teacher Gilbert spends his morning break playing ball with his students every day.


Michelle and Sherry hanging out in their usual spot, chatting it up at recess.

Joseph trying to convince Dorcas to hold him during recess.

Arnold and Favor are always willing to lend a helping hand.

Sammy working on his fine motor and counting skills.


Our Kindergarten students reviewing their exams.

Allan enjoying his recess with a big smile on his face.

Our 4th graders taking their exams.

Our youngest students getting their exam papers ready to take home to their parents.

Third grade classwork.


Arnold and Willy


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