Sweet Friends

One of my favorite things about Precious Kids Center is how well the kids love each other. Most of them came to live at the center because their families were neglecting them in one way or another. Many of them come from places where they are constantly made to believe that they are unloved. Precious Kids Center isn’t short on love. These kids love each other so well. Enjoy these sweet pictures of sweet moments between friends.

Linah and Allan

Barnabas and his friends playing during recess

Grace and Mary

Quinta making Michelle feel right at home on her first day

Zablon and Abuid

Caleb and Sammy

Zablon helping Triza walk back from class

Quinta comforting Darren, the youngest resident at PKC

Lavender, Phillip, Mike and Junior just hanging out

Faith and Christine

Favor and Miriam

Bramwel, Malley and Joseph

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