Thank you Mr. DelPadre’s Class


I am often left in awe of how God works. He has put this passion and love in my heart for these twelve very special kids at my house and because of his love others are so supportive of the work that we are doing here. I want to give another special thank you to Mr. DelPadre’s fifth grade class. Such young kids have such generous and unselfish hearts. We received a late Christmas present from their class this week and the kids were so excited. We appreciate all of your love, prayers and support! Thanks for your gifts and for putting these big smiles on the kids faces.


The whole gang looking good in their new beanies!


















Silly Willy tried on everyone’s hat.


All the excitement tired Dan out.




Manu was so excited to read his cards.


Sweet Franco reading Isaac’s card to him.


Willy reading his card.


Allan and Bram happy campers with their hats and cards.


Lillian helped out by reading everyone’s cards to them.


Franco reading his card.
Bramwel loved looking at everyone’s drawings.


Dan woke up to take a look at his cards.


Little Sammy was so excited!

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