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Bramwel has been with us at PKC for three and a half years. I got a call from a friend of mine who drives a motorcycle taxi that he found a kid that needed help. So the next day he took me to meet Bramwel. I walked in the house and Bramwel instantly snuggled up next to me while I talked to his mother. Bramwel comes from a family of 9 and his mother loves him very much, but was struggling to provide for all of her children. On one of my visits we walked up while the kids were eating lunch and four kids were all eating our of one tiny little bowl.


Bramwel on the first day I met him.

So we moved Bramwel into the house. The first night during dinner he looked up at me and said, “At home we don’t eat.” I quickly reassured him that here he would get as much food as he wanted. It has been fun to see Bramwel growing up these past few years. After working with the therapist and getting to spend more time with his peers his speech has drastically improved.


His mother is still involved in his life and when schools close he usually goes to spend a week with his family. It’s been great to see her gain a greater understanding and acceptance of her son with a little extra help and support.

Walking with Bram and his brothers to their home.

Walking with Bram and his brothers to their home.

Bramwel is a happy little dude with a great sense of humor. He is kind and loving towards the other kids and is always ready and willing to help out. He loves to dance and most of all loves hanging out with his best friend Male.

Bramwel and Male

Bramwel and Male


I am proud of the progress he has made in the past few years and am looking forward to spending many more with him as he continues to grow and improve.

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