Throwback Thursday- Franco

I met Franco in 2011. He was living in a nearby slum with his family. His mother was a regular attender of a women’s bible study that some of the member of my team lead and Franco came with her to the meetings. One day we went to visit them at home and were shocked by how malnourished the children were. Rael, Franco’s little sister was the most severe, but the family was struggling to get by. Both of his parents seem to have some cognitive impairments and struggle to hold jobs and are constantly moving to different houses because they can’t afford to pay rent.


Franco on the first day I met him.

Me with Franco's whole family.

Me with Franco’s whole family.

A local primary school, called Purpose Driven Academy, was trying to reach out to needy kids living in the slum areas, so they sponsored Franco to begin attending school there. He lived at the school and the other kids that I sponsored there took good care of him.

Franco and Augustus, who took good care of him when they were at school.

Franco and Augustus, who took good care of him when they were at school.

During the school holidays he used to stay with his family, but one day we went to take him home and found that his family had moved. His parents don’t have phones, so we took Franco to live at PKC. Franco is a great big brother to the other kids at the house. He is very loving and understanding towards the other children and is always the first to help volunteer to help feed at mealtimes. He is currently in third grade and struggles to grasp new concepts quickly, but we have been working with the teachers to help him get the extra support he needs and he is improving. He has grown up so much in these last five years that I have known him and we are excited to see what his future holds.


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