Throwback Thursday- Junior


Junior has lived at Precious Kids Center for three years and came when he was ten years old.

One day I was driving to visit the mother of another child at the center and I saw Junior sitting outside his house and stopped by to talk to his mom. I found out that Junior’s mother was only 15 years old when he was born and she was not ready to raise a child with a disability so she dropped him off at his Grandparents house and never came back. His grandparents were able to raise the money to get him the operation to place the shunt to keep his Hydrocephalus from progressing. After talking to his grandparents I said good bye to Junior and asked him what he would like me to bring him the next time I came to visit and he said “Soap because I don’t like being dirty.” I will never forget his answer because it made me so sad. Most children ask for candy or some other sort of treat, but all Junior wanted was to be clean.


Junior on the first day we met

Junior on the first day we met


I was with Augustus and a few other kids from the house and we went straight to the market and bought him soap, lotion and three new outfits. After a few days we went to visit again and found the other children wearing the new clothes and Junior in the same dirty clothes that he was in a few days before. After seeing this, I knew that the family was not willing to care for Junior so he moved to Precious Kids Center.Junior quickly improved with regular meals and he was so happy to be in school and be in a place where he is loved and accepted for who he is.


After about two years of being in the house Junior began having seizures that would last for hours at a time. I was nervous that his shunt wasn’t working and that he would have to have another one put in place. After a few trips to Kijabe he was put on an epilepsy medication and has been seizure free since then.


Junior is so joyful and always has a smile on his face. He loves playing with the other kids and has his little crew that rarely leaves his side. He loves making jokes and has a great sense of humor. Junior is a great addition to the PKC family and I am excited to see what God has in store for him in the future.




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