Throwback Thursday- Lillian


Lillian has had a hard life for someone so young. She was brought to us from another children’s home in Nakuru that was closed down by the government because they were abusing the children. I remember her first day at the house. She sat silently in the corner and cried because she was taken far away from the people who had cared for her the last few years of her life and dropped off with a bunch of strangers. She was shy for the first few days, but she slowly started to recognize Precious Kids Center as her new home.


Lillian was always shy and reserved about the details of her past. One day we took a long bus ride to Nairobi to get her fitted with a prosthesis. On the way there I asked her a few questions about her life before she came to stay at PKC. She said that she was young so she didn’t remember it well, but her parents dropped off her and her brother at a place that kind of looked like a market and she never say them again. She said that they stayed there for a while until some people picked up her and her brother and brought them to an orphanage. Lillian was born with spina bifida and has some complications that affect the feeling and sensation in her lower limbs which make healing difficult. Lillian went on to say that she had a wound on her foot that wouldn’t heal so they took her to Kijabe hospital to have it amputated. She stayed there for a few weeks while she was healing and when she went back to the orphanage she found that her brother had passed away while she was gone. She had overcome so much by the time that she came to stay with us.


In the time that we have been with Lillian we have seen her grow and work to overcome the hurt of her past. We were able to get her a prothesis and she was thrilled to finally be able to walk without crutches after six years. Now she loves running and jumping all over the place.


She has also had some health complications since coming to stay with us. Once again her issues with circulation and sensation in her limbs caused a problem and she had a wound on her foot for almost two years. We went to many doctors and nothing they were doing seemed to work and I was scared that the doctors were going to say that her other leg needed to be amputated as well. Finally we took to the Cure Hospital and they were able to do a debridement to clean the wound thoroughly and she was in a cast for 8 weeks to keep the pressure off of her heel to give her time to heal. Our prayers were answered and it looks like finally she is on the road to recovery.


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Lillian has been with us for almost four years and it’s been great to see her growing up and becoming comfortable and accepting that this is her home. Lillian in now 14 years old, in 6th grade and is at the top of her class. She works hard in school and is a great help at the house with the littler ones. We are blessed that God chose Precious Kids Center to be Lillian’s home and are anxiously awaiting to see what is in store for her future!

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