Throwback Thursday- Sam


Sam was the fifth resident of Precious Kids Center. Everyday, on my way to town I would see him sitting at his mother’s shop on the side of the road. Whenever he would see me drive past his hand would shoot up and he would start waiving wildly. One day I stopped by to talk to his mother and she talked about the struggles of providing for him on her own. So we agreed that Sammy would be the perfect addition to our little family.

Sam with his mother, Evelyn

Sam with his mother, Evelyn

He was only three years old when he moved in to Precious Kids Center. He has always been a little jokester and loves laughing and playing with the other kids. He is great with the other kids and always tries to help out however he can.

Sam and Dan

Sam and Dan



He also is extremely smart and always gets best grade on every exam. He loves school and is very inquisitive and always asking questions about how things work. IMG_0479


It’s been a joy to watch Sam grow up over these past four years and I know his future is going to be a bright one!

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