Trip to Nairobi

Many of the kids at the house have been having some medical issues. So this week we set off to Nairobi to get scans and see doctors and were determined to leave with everyone settled and on the path to recovery. 
Lillian was born with spina bifida. No one has taken her for treatment so we decided to take her to see if there was anything that needed to be done. We went to a mission hospital called Kijabe that is just outside of Nairobi. We were impressed with the clean facility and compotent doctors. After X-rays, an ultrasound and an MRI it was confirmed that her case is a mild one and that she does not need surgery, but we will keep an eye on her to make sure that things don’t change and that she continues to thrive. 
Japheth was also having some medical issues. If he is fed and is in the seated position, he vomits frequently, but if he is lying down there is no problem. Reflux issues are common in children with Autism, but given his history of being burned by his abusive step-mother they wanted to check to make sure there was not more damage. So he underwent an endoscopy and they ruled out an esophageal stricture and anything else that would need immediate treatment. We were also advised to keep a close eye on him and in the future he may need an operation, but for now he will take an anti-acid and some other medicine to try to reduce the vomiting. 
Augustus had an umbilical hernia that was operated on. We took him to a hospital for outpatient surgery and he is already recovering nicely after just one day. We were told that if it was done early, there is a lesser risk of complications in the future and we are glad that he is already feeling better. 
It was a blessing that everyone was given proper treatment and that we finally have answers to some of their medical issues. It was also great to see how lovingly these doctors treat the patients here. We were given discounted rates on the procedures once the doctors heard about the work that is going on in Kitale and that children with disabilities are being served at Precious Kids Center. It was not only a blessing to make new friend and connections with doctors in Nairobi, but to finally have answers. Please continue to pray for Augustus, Lillian and Japheth as they continue to heal and live with their medical issues. 

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